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Sarasota Bradenton Office Rentals

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2123 University Pkwy.
Sarasota, FL 34243

Great Sarasota Bradenton Location
Your business will be located right on the county line, easily accessible from both Sarasota and Bradenton. As more and more traffic and businesses have moved to north Sarasota to accomodate Bradenton residents, University Parkway has become one of the most desirable office locations.
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University Parkway frontage!  Right on the county line between Sarasota and Bradenton.
Enjoy a park like setting with major road frontage, showroom offices, and warehouse facilities to accommodate most business interests. Outside storage?  We have it!  Over an acre of outside storage on our 2 acre site for any need.  Multiple flex spaces available. Lease the space you need from 500 to 1500 square feet variable configurations to suit your business. Outdoor display area for autos,  boats, rental equipment, rental cars and trucks.  Check with us for availability.


Showroom Space
One showroom or office space on the ground floor facing University Parkway with outdoor display available.  Centrally placed between Sarasota and Bradenton these offices are easily accessible and receive quite a bit of traffic from both counties.   


Outside Storage Space
One acre for your fleet vehicles and your equipment or storage needs.  The area in the rear of the building provides ample, secure storage and is easily accessible for loading and unloading.  Rent what you need.


 Warehouse and offices from 500 sq. ft.
Flexible plans to fit your needs.  Facilities include offices, showroom area, outdoor display areas for autos or equipment, warehousing, and storage.  These rental units may be rented as you require and are an excellent opportunity with their location, traffic, and accessibility.